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Our  galleries in London and St Leonards-On-Sea have been exhibiting, framing and promoting the best of 20th Century Russian Art since 2001. We exhibited at the State Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin House, Belgravia Gallery and other locations in the UK and the USA.

Russell Baker 'The Icebergs' Series. Oil on canvas 2014

Russian Paintings 1940s-1960s

APRIL 15-JUNE 15 2016

An exhibition of works in black and white by 20th century Russian and contemporary British artists. Video installation, paintings, prints, original works on paper and assemblage. 
Artists represented: Anna Hunt,Russell Baker, Mark Godwin, Jonathan Parkin, Patrick Jones, Kara Walker, Basil Beattie, Poppy Jones, Rostislav Romanoff, Helen Samuels, Adrienne Hunter, Simon Charterton and John Pope, Arthur Hackney